Facts & Figures

Webgiant Infotech is a trusted name in the world of website designing and development. We have rendered our services to various clients across the globe with diverse requirements and excelled in each of the projects taken up by our expert designers.

Huge Customer Base Spanning Over 20 Countries

Webgiant Infotech has a wide clientele not only in India but also in countries like US and Canada. It is worth mentioning that we have even catered to the needs of many reputed firms located in the European continent, viz. Germany, France and UK among others. Predominantly, we have our satisfied customers in 20+ countries across the globe.

Over 100 Satisfied Customers

Our impressive figures are enough to assure you that your web development issues will thoroughly be resolved and any online solution that you may require will adeptly be provided by our expert personnel. Nonetheless, we reassure you by stating that we have over 1000 customers all over the world who have found solutions to their complex issues by our means in the most effective way. Hence you can feel certain that your business requirement will be handled with dedication and in a very professional and satisfactory manner.

We have to our name 25+ web templates which are fully functional and ready to use, over 45 web elements and no less than 160 distinct logos that have helped businesses to build their brand recognition and stand out.

Short Summary of Our Past Work

  • Unique Logos count: Over 160
  • Web element designs count: Over 45
  • Web templates count: Over 25
  • Sites coding count: 240+
  • Desktop app coding count: 40+
  • Mobile app coding count: 25+
  • Automated Bots coding count: 120+